20 Best Tech Movies Every Programmer Should Watch !

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There is one thing Every Programmer has in common, it is the fact that they sometimes lack motivation. And no wonder. The projects most programmers have to engage in often times take a toll on them. So how can we deal with the pressure? How can we reignite our passion for coding?

What if we could do that through something we all love to do, Watch Movies. As we all know movies are powerful in creating impressions in the people’s minds and also they are a bundle of inspiration, entertainment, and education as well.

Some Movies inspire us to be a smarter and a better person, or in our case a better Programmer.

How many of these Movies have you watched ?

1. The Social Network

  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, Max Minghella
  • Director: David Fincher

The Social Network portrays the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Based on the novel The Accidental Millionaires by Ben Mezrich, the story starts when Zuckerberg is a 19-year old studying at the Harvard University.

Most coders get a thrill from watching The Social Network, largely because the movie portrays the amazing achievements one can attain simply by learning a programming language.

At the end of the movie, you are left wondering if Facebook really helps you make friends?

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley

  • Cast: Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall
  • Director: Martyn Burke

PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY is one of the top-notch movie among these programming movies lists.

This movie is highly recommended for programming enthusiasts.

It basically tells the story of how the personal computer was designed by giants like Microsoft and Apple. Set from 1971 to 1997, the movie takes you on an enthralling journey with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they usher in a new digital era with the development of the personal computer.

Those who want to know personal computers were developed, this is a must watch movie for them.

3. The Imitation Game

  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode
  • Director: Morten Tyldum

A fan of algorithms? Or you love thinking in numbers? Well here is a movie made just for you.

The Imitation Game movie came out in 2014 and it shows the invention of the world’s very first computer by Alan Turing and his team. It shows how at the end of the movie Alan and his team were able to come up with a way to decode the German Enigma Code.

This movie can be very inspirational for the programmers.

4. Jobs

  • Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad
  • Director: Joshua Michael Stern

Jobs is an accurate representation of the life of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. The movie sheds light on his personal and college life.

A large majority of the movie revolves around how Apple became the business enterprise that it is today. The programming bit is fairly limited but programmers and people, in general, may find the movie very inspirational and high quality.

This is a highly recommended flick for programmers and Apple enthusiasts.

5. Tron (1982)

  • Cast: Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan
  • Director: Steven Lisberger

Tron is a sci-fi movie released in 1982.

In this movie, a computer programmer, Jeff Bridges finds himself transported into a mainframe computer. The protagonist uses some amazing programming skills to find his way back into the world.

The special effects used in the movie are amazing considering the movie was launched in 1982.

This movie is highly recommended for programmers.

6. Source Code

  • Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga
  • Director: Duncan Jones

Source Code is a science fiction time travel movie. The Source Code is a time loop program.

The plot shows a suicide bomber in a Chicago train. The hero enters the body of another person using programming capabilities.

This movie is absolutely Great !

7. Takedown

  • Cast: Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong, Angela Featherstone, Donal Logue
  • Director: Joe Chappelle

This movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name.

This action thriller movie tracks the pursuit of Kevin Mitnick, who is America’s most wanted hacker. Takedown shows how a hacker named Kevin Mitnick uses or misuses his programming skills to elude from an F.B.I pursuit.

It is a must see movie for all programmers.

8. Sneakers

  • Cast: Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley
  • Director: Phil Alden Robinson

Released in 1992, this movie is about how an FBI fugitive Martin Bishop helps the National Security Agency find a computer stolen by the Russians.

This is an action movie that involves a lot of hacking and humor.

It was released in 1992 but today also, hackers and programmers can learn a trick or two from this flick.

9. The Founder

  • Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, Laura Dern
  • Director: John Lee Hancock

Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, this has nothing to do with coding or algorithms or AI or even gadgets, while that’s all true, it has to do with something much more important — Building an empire.

This is another perfect movie for those developers looking to venture into the startup world. It shows how persistence, determination and hard work pays off.

The movie is not only centered around how to build a business but it also shows how to scale the business.

It’s an amazing movie which should give your motivation a huge boost.

10. Hackers

  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Fisher Stevens, Lorraine Bracco
  • Director: Iain Softley

Dade Murphy, a super hacker, created a destructive virus when he was just 11 years old. He’s then banned from using computers till he’s 18 years of age.

Dade and his friends soon discover that there’s an even more evil virus called the Plague to create oil spills and put the blame on kids.

Will the villain be unmasked and the virus destroyed?

11. The Fifth Estate

  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl, Anthony Mackie
  • Director: Bill Condon

Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange in 2006 as a journalistic platform for whistleblowers to share evidence of illegal or corrupt activities.

The Fifth Estate shows incidents that led to the inception of Wikileaks and how it became such a big thing.

It explores the rise of the website – Wiki Leaks and the relationship between the founder Julian Assange and the techie activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

12. Blackhat

  • Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis, Ritchie Coster
  • Director: Michael Mann

Nick, a hacker, is released from jail when a code created by him is linked to a terrorist attack.

While trying to help the police, he gets dragged into the conflicts between America and China.

A programmer’s action thriller, indeed.

13. Snowden

  • Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo
  • Director: Oliver Stone

Released in 2016, Snowden is real life story inspired movie in which they showcased the life of Edward Snowden a former NSA employee.

Edward Snowden finds out that a virtual mountain of data is being assembled to track all forms of digital communication from ordinary Americans.

When Snowden decides to leak this classified information, he becomes a traitor to some, a hero to others and a fugitive from the law.

14. Antitrust

  • Cast: Ryan Phillippe, Tim Robbins, Rachael Leigh Cook
  • Director: Peter Howitt

A young programmer gets a job in a large software organisation but later finds out that something isn’t right in there.

The programmer then uses his programming skills to find out the issues.

This movie was released in 2001 and is one of the best programming movies of all time.

15. The Matrix

  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss
  • Director: The Wachowskis

A large number of teens became interested in the world of programming just because of this movie.

Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, is led to fight an underground war against powerful computers who have constructed his entire reality with a system called the Matrix.

The concept of loop and recursion depicted in this movie comes pretty handy for programmers.

16. Untraceable

  • Cast: Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks, Joseph Cross
  • Director: Gregory Hoblit

Untraceable is a crime thriller movie set in Portland, Oregon about a serial killer.

Special Agent Jennifer Marsh works in FBI cybercrime division.

She comes across a website where torture is telecasted live on the internet and more the number of people watching the live feed, the quicker the person dies.

What he does to become untraceable is pretty interesting to watch. Programmers will definitely like this one.

17. Disclosure

  • Cast: Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland
  • Director: Barry Levinson

This movie shows a perfect blend of computer hacking and corporate espionage.

However, you will more of the latter but the hacking bit is very gripping.

This is a good movie and highly recommended programmers.

18. The Internship

  • Cast: Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Max Minghella, Dylan O’Brien 
  • Director: Shawn Levy

Salesmen Billy and Nick find themselves unemployed in the digital world.

In a bid to prove their competence, they land an internship at Google, where they must compete with a group of young, tech-savvy geniuses for a chance at employment.

This is a great movie for adults who think they are too old to get into the tech world.

19. Primer

  • Cast: Shane Carruth, David Sullivan 
  • Director: Shane Carruth

This movie is a masterpiece for engineers more than programmers.

Two engineers, Aaron and Abe work on tech projects to supplement their income. One day, while working on an electromagnetic project, they discover the side effect of the time loop.

The movie only goes on to show how programming possibilities may one day make time travel a reality.

20. TPB AFK – The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard (2013)

  • Cast: Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, Roger Wallis 
  • Director: Simon Klose

This Swedish movie documents the life of the three founders of The Pirate Bay, which is an online digital content index.

The founder’s Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm face a $13 million claims in a copyright infringement case.

The movie is exciting and as gripping as it can get.

Wrapping Up

Whew! Finally done. So these are the 20 Best Movies to Ignite your Inner Programmer to Code Again.

Though these movies will give you the motivation you require, the next step is up to you — GO AND CODE. You started the engine, now use the power. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single line of code or a word, the idea is you START.

Tell us in the Comments if you know some more Movies.


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