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CSS Quiz – Hard

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Which of the following CSS3 Color Feature like RGB color but adds an alpha channel value to specify the opacity of the color?

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Which of the following CSS property defines the different properties of all four sides of an element’s border in a single declaration?

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Which CSS property can be used to set the image as border instead of the border style?

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Is it possible to declare font-weight, font-face & font-size by using ONLY ONE css property ?

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What does HSL stands for?

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What will be the output of below mentioned code snippet?

 h1 {color: "green";}

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What will be the output of following code snippet?

h1 {color: red text-decoration: underline; font-style: italic;}

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The _______ property sets whether a background image’s position is fixed within the viewport, or scrolls with its containing block

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Which of the following Selector selects an element if it’s the only child of its parent with its type?

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Which of the following is an appropriate value for overflow element?

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About CSS Hard Quiz

  • This CSS Quiz is designed specially to check your Advance knowledge of CSS.
  • You are given 10 MCQ type CSS questions in this Quiz.
  • There is no time Limit, so just keep calm and test your CSS knowledge without any rush !
  •  At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed out of 100% maximum score.
  • You need to score atleast 70% (7 correct answers ) to PASS the Quiz.

Answers will not be shown after the quiz. If you really got what it takes , then learn until you can score 100% without seeing answers.

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