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HTML Quiz – Hard 20

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Can a data cell contain images?

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What are the two method attributes that are used while submitting the forms?

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Which of the following is / are the new APIs of HTML5?

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Which among the following is the correct way in HTML to insert an image?

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Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?

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HTML documents are saved in

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When trying to access a URL, the following message is displayed on the browser:
Server; Error 403.
What could be the reason for the message?

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What are Empty elements and is it valid?

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Which of the following is not a style tag?

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If the browser does not know the size of the image, the page will not flicker while the images load.

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What does vlink attribute mean?

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Which attribute is used to start a video automatically?

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How can you open a link in a new browser window?

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Which tag allows you to add a row in a table?

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HTML uses

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Which HTML tag is used to define a client – side script such as the Javascript?

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How many HTML colors are supported by all the browsers?

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The elements <DIV> and <SPAN> have the following characteristics

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The tag used to create a new list item and also include a hyperlink is

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HTML is a subset of

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About HTML Hard Quiz

  • This HTML Quiz is designed specially to check your Advance knowledge of HTML.
  • You are given 20 MCQ type HTML questions in this Quiz.
  • There is no time Limit, so just keep calm and test your HTML knowledge without any rush !
  •  At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed out of 100% maximum score.
  • You need to score atleast 70% (14 correct answers ) to PASS the Quiz.

Answers will not be shown after the quiz. If you really got what it takes , then learn until you can score 100% without seeing answers.

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